Coloring Book Crayons and Markers: What's Inside the Box

Crayola came out with the Coloring book markers and Crayons in the late 1990's. The markers said they were a low bleed option for coloring books. Markers do often bleed through to the other page. I do not know if these were made especially for coloring books or a feature of the regular marker, but marketed as low bleed because they were low bleed anyway. The crayons appear to just be a normal crayon formulation, but specialty colors that look good in coloring books.

Crayola later expanded the Coloring Book line to Pip-Squeak markers in the 2000's. They are a specialty set of markers picked out to color with in coloring books.  Four of the colors are not included in the standard 16 Pip-Squeak set, tiny toad brown, blue jay, butterfly orange, and desert flower.

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All the pictures besides the Pip Squeak markers were provided by Stacy Hodges.

Collecting Information
Boxes: 6 Coloring Book Low Bleed Washable Markers, 8 Crayola Pip-Squeaks Coloring Book Washable Markers, 16 and 32 Count Coloring book Crayons
Year: 1997 (Crayons), 2000 (6 Markers), 2007 (Pip-Squeak Markers)
Other Boxes: This is -102, there is probably two other boxes
What's inside the box: tiny toad brown, toy poodle black, blue jay, leprechaun green, little lemon, butterfly orange, firefly red, desert flower
Purchase information: Target
Where to buy: Target or Amazon (crayons) Amazon (markers)
Style Numbers: 52-09952 (32 Coloring Book Crayons), 52-3916 (16 Coloring Book Crayons), 58-8608 (6 Markers), 58-8704 (Pip-Squeak Markers)
Code Numbers: 52-0952-0-201W (32 Coloring Book Crayons), 52-3916-0-200W (16 Coloring Book Crayons), 58-8608-0-201 (6 Markers), 58-8704-0-102 (Pip-Squeak Markers)
UPC: 071662009526 (32 Coloring Book Crayons), 071662039165 (16 Coloring Book Crayons),  071662086084 (6 Markers), 071662087043 (Pip-Squeak Markers)
Patent: US 5968241, Washable coloring composition

2000 6 Coloring Book Markers

2000 32 Coloring Book Crayons

2000 16 Coloring Book Crayons

2007 8 Pip-Squeaks Coloring Book Markers

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