8 Count My First Crayola Easy-Grip Colored Pencils: What's Inside the Box

I found the My First Crayola Easy-Grip colored pencils at the store and loved them.  I have a couple other "my first" Crayola items and love them too. I especially love the egg looking crayons.  I do not have any yet, but they are on my wish list of things to get.  These pencils are triangular shaped and have pictures of animals on them.  They are similar to the Write Start colored pencils, but those are not triangular, they employ the use of hexagons for their easy grip shape.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: 8 My First Crayola Easy-Grip Colored Pencils
Year: 2013
Other Boxes: This is -201, there is probably one other box
What's inside the box: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black
Purchase information: Crayola Store
Where to buy: Any store that sells Crayola products, Amazon
Style Numbers: 81-1334
Code Numbers: 81-1334-0-201
UPC: 07166211334

2013 8 Easy-Grip Colored Pencils

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