16 Count Tip Collection Crayola Crayons: What's Inside the Box

This is the 16 count box Tip Collection line of boxes sold exclusively at Walmart. Who is Tip you ask? On the back the 2014 64 count box it says Tip is "more of a spirit than a person. In fact he so loved the creative energy in kids that he decided to take the form of a Crayola Crayon way back in 1903." That is the same year the first Crayola crayon was made!

Crayola came out with the 16 count Tip Collection boxes a couple years after the Target "Pick Your Pack" boxes debuted in 2014.  I have to admit I like collecting these ones slightly better. I like that these boxes are colored coordinated and they feature Tip on the box. I used to be obsessed with organizing my crayons by color. They came out with these 16 count boxes the year after the 8 count boxes were introduced. 

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Collecting Information
Boxes: 16 Crayola Crayons with Tip Character: Blazing Brights, Camo Whammo, Diva Fever, Just Beachy, Neon Nights, Royal Shades, Super Hues
Year: 2014
What's inside the box: Blazing Brights: red violet, violet red, red, red orange, orange, yellow orange, yellow, inchworm, yellow green, shamrock, green, blue green, indigo, blue, blue violet, violet (purple)
Camo Whammo: sepia, brown, tumbleweed, desert sand, raw sienna, tan, beaver, olive green, mountain meadow, forest green, pine green, asparagus, cadet blue, gray, timberwolf, shadow
Diva Fever: white glitter crayon, silver, black glitter crayons, purple heart, purple glitter crayons, dandelion, outrageous orange, scarlet, hot magenta, jazzberry jam, red glitter crayons, red violet, blush, bittersweet, antique brass, gold,
Just Beachy: burnt oragne, sunset orange, yellow orange, peach, unmellow yellow, almond, goldenrod, jungle green, caribbean green, robin's egg blue, aquamarine, turquoise blue, sky blue, pacific blue, navy blue, manatee
Neon Nights: atomic tangerine, sunglow, neon carrot, wild watermelon, shocking pink radical red, razzle dazzle rose, orchid, vivid violet, cerulean, sky blue, screamin' green, electric lime, green yellow, laser lemon, black
Royal Shades: fuchsia, cerise, purple pizzazz, carnation pink, salmon, cotton candy, razzmatazz, wild strawberry, maroon, mango tango, metallic sunburst, yellow, denim, royal purple, eggplant, plum
Super Hues: gold, copper, brick red, scarlet, vivid tangerine, alloy orange, dandelion, granny smith apple, illuminating emerald, tropical rain forest, midnight blue, denim, outer space, sonic silver, silver, white
The Lighter Side: lavender, piggy pink, tickle me pink, melon, apricot, macaroni and cheese, banana mania, canary, spring green, fern, sea green, periwinkle, wild blue wonder, blue bell, wisteria, purple mountain's majesty
Purchase Information: Walmart
Where to buy: eBay-may or may not be available or Amazon
Style Numbers: 52-4371 (Blazing Brights), 52-4369 (Camo Whammo), 52-4372 (Diva Fever), 52-4367 (Just Beachy), 52-4373 (Neon Nights), 52-4366 (Royal Shades), 52-4370 (Super Hues), 52-4368 (The Lighter Side)
Code Numbers: 52-4371-200 (Blazing Brights), 52-4369-200 (Camo Whammo), 52-4372-200 (Diva Fever), 52-4367-200 (Just Beachy), 52-4373-200 (Neon Nights), 52-4366-0-200 (Royal Shades), 52-4370-200 (Super Hues), 52-4368-0-200 (The Lighter Side)
UPC Numbers: 071662043711 (Blazing Brights), 071662143695 (Camo Whammo), 071662043728 (Diva Fever), 071662043674 (Just Beachy), 071662043735 (Neon Nights), 071662043667 (Royal Shades), 071662043704 (Super Hues), 071662043681 (The Lighter Side)

2014 Tip Collection Crayola Crayons
2014 Tip Collection Crayola Crayons-Back of the Box

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