16 Count Holiday Crayola Crayons: What's Inside the Box

Crayola came out with a whole holiday set of products in the late 90's early 2000's. I have the holiday markers, but I do not have the 8 count glitter crayons. This 16 count Crayola Holiday crayon box contains 8 standard crayons and 8 metallic crayons. Metallic crayons came out the year before in 2000. They were called the Holiday box because of the inclusion of the metallic crayons, that were slightly glittery. Other than that the colors are pretty standard, not only reds, greens, silvers and golds. The markers only contain reds and greens.

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Color Information and Color List
Boxes: Crayola 16 Holiday Crayons, 8 regular and 8 metallic
What's inside the box: red, orange, yellow, brown, green, blue, violet (purple), black, Metallic: these are approximations because they are not labeled. big dip o' ruby, alloy orange, metallic sunburst, steel blue, metallic seaweed, illuminating emerald, cyber grape, razzmic berry
Purchase Information: Fellow Collector
Where to buy:  eBay
Collecting Information
This is a highly collectible box because it is a special holiday box and also contains some of the first metallic crayons on the market.
Year: 2001
Other boxes: This is the first one
Style Numbers: 52-6416
Code Numbers: 52-6416-0-200
UPC Numbers: none
Patent Information: 5,066,216 Apparatus for injection of viscous material
Manufacturing Location: USA

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