Faber-Castell 48 Goldfaber Regular and Aqua Colored Pencils Review

I recently found out there are other lines for Faber-Castell besides Polychromos at Creativation/Art Materials World this year. I went to Creativation to meet especially with Faber-Castell because I love their color system. They were my first meeting and they did not disappoint. They were so nice. They explained to me there are three current lines, the green line for professional artists, the blue line for hobbyists and students and the red line for kids. They sent me these Goldfaber aqua and regular colored pencils to try out. And I did try them out. And guess what? I was SUPER IMPRESSED. The colored pencils were super easy to color with, the colors were super vibrant and then even match the Polychromos color line.

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These are a very affordable option. I looked on blick and the 48 colors were about 33 dollars. The only disappointment was the line only comes in 48 colors. I wish they had all 120 colors. I want to repeat again these were easy to color with, ie my hand did not hurt after I colored with them.

Other attributes from the back of the box include: 3.3 mm lead, excellent lightfastness, highly pigmented, water resistant for the smudge proof for the regular colored pencils, high break resistance and easy to sharpen.

These are the swatches for the 48 Goldfaber Aqua colored pencils. I only activated the watercolor in half the swatch to see what it looks like with out the watercolor. I absolutely love the color palette. It is bright and colorful.

Here are the Goldfaber colored pencils on bamboo paper. I love the gradients that are possible from the colored pencils.

Here are the colors in the Goldfaber line. They are the same in box boxes:

  • 136, 133, 125, 123, 134, 119, 132, 131, 130, 126, 121, 118, 115, 109, 108, 107, 105, 104, 173, 167, 170, 166, 266, 163, 161, 162, 158, 156, 153, 149, 154, 147, 140, 120, 143, 151, 137, 199, 233, 273, 176, 283, 192, 187, 183, 250, 251

Here is the case for the colored pencils. The pencils are all individually skewed. They are also sold open stock. The color names are not on the pencil, but the color number is and that corresponds to the Faber-Castell color system. I love the detail in the tray that is also found in the Polychromos line. See those straps? It is made that way so the pencil trays will easily come out. These are the watercolor pencils.Here are the regular colored pencils. They are very similar except the wood color is black. That is nice so the aqua and regular pencils will not get confused with one another.

Here is what the pencils look like on black paper.

I also created a swatch chart for the colored pencils. Click here to get the chart.

I would definitely purchase these and will have my kids use them. They absolutely love my colored pencil collection :)

Find these on Blick Art Supplies.

Here is the packaging information for the colored pencils. It does note not to dip the colored pencil in water.Here is the packaging information for the regular colored pencils.Here is the inside of the tin featuring the Faber-Castell Castle Stein near Nurnberg, Germany.

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