72 Derwent Inktense Colored Pencils

Derwent has a ton of colored pencils in their line up. I have tried them all and will get a YouTube video out about those soon, but if I really had to choose only two pencil sets to get from their line up I would get the Derwent Lightfast, which I did a review on already and the Derwent Inktense colored pencils. These pencils are amazing. They are watercolor pencils that are permanent once they dry. They can go on wood, fabric, ceramics, canvas and paper and will last. They are also lightfast, not quite as good as the light fast ones are, but are better than other watercolor pencils.

Here is a coloring page I colored from Johanna Basford's Worlds of Color. The pencils are quite easy to use and this can be done in a matter of minutes instead of a long time. You can see some of my pencil marks in the sky and I would redo the sky, but it was a great learning experience. A little lead from the pencil goes a long way.

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The Derwent Inktense pencils can be used in a variety of different ways.

  • The pencil can be applied to a medium and then wetted and spread.
  • The pencil can be wet when applied to a medium.
  • A paint brush can be used to grab the pigment ink from the pencil either from another paper with a swatch or directly from the pencil lead itself.
I have used these in all of these ways and the effect is really cool.  Derwent also sells these as blocks. I would love try those out.

Below I have a swatch chart where I did super intense, medium intensity and nothing at all for the first swatch. I did not label them, which I realize now was a mistake. I think I will do this over again and label them so I can have a good idea of what the color will look like. I have a key, but it is not very useful if it is not on the page. It is great to see the variation in color that can be achieved with these pencils.

Here is the key.

Here are all the colors and pencils. They come in a nice metal tin and have individual spots. The color are a 4 digit number. There is one color that is a black outliner and does not activate.

Color Information

Here are all the colors available in the 72 Derwent Inktense Colored Pencils.

  • Sherbet Lemon, 0100, Sun Yellow 0200, Cadmium Yellow 0210, Sicilian Yellow 0220, Golden Yellow 0230,  Sienna Gold 0240, Cadmium Orange 0250, Burnt Orange 0260, Tangerine 0300, Mid Vermillion 0310, Scarlet Pink 0320, Poppy Red 0400, Hot Red 0410, Chilli Red 0500, Cherry 0510, Carmine Pink 0520, Shiraz 0600, Crimson 0530, Red Violet 0610, Fuchsia 0700, Deep Rose 0710, Thistle 0720, Dusky Purple 0730, Mauve 0740, Dark Purple 0750, Deep Violet 0760, Violet 0800, Lagoon 0810, Peacock Blue 0820, Navy Blue 0830, Iron Blue 0840, Deep Blue 0850, Vivid Green 1330, Ionian Green 1320, Iron Green 1310, Teel Green 1300, Mallard Green 1230, Green Aquamarine 1220, Apple Green 1400, Field Geen 1500, Beech Green 1510, Hooker's Green 1520, Felt Green 1530, Light Olive 1540, Spring Green 1550, Fern 1560, Leaf Green 1600, Mustard 1700, Amber 1710, Tan 1720, Oak 1730, Saddle Brown 1740, Backed Earth 1800, Willow 1900, Red Oxide 1910, Madder Brown 1920, Dark Chocolate 1930, Bark 2000, Sepia Ink 2010, Indian Ink 2020, Chinese Ink 2030, Charcoal Grey 2100, Payne's Grey 2110, Neutral Grey 2120, Ink Black 2200, Outliner 2400, Antique White 2300
Here is the back and the front of the tin.

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