Crayola Color 'n Smell Crayons

I am so excited I finally got my hands on a box of Crayola Color 'n Smell crayons. Color 'n Smell crayons were a continuation of Crayola's Magic Scent line. The Magic Scent line started out with edible crayon scents, but apparently Crayola received complaints of children eating crayons and changed them to non edible scented crayons. Crayola even asked on this box of Color 'n Smell crayons what other scents people would want. Sadly this was the last scented box of actual crayons Crayola would put out. They have since come out with a Silly Scents line, but there are no scented crayons.

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Color Information 
Boxes: 16 Crayola Color 'n Smell crayons
What's inside the box: pine tree, wash the dog, saw dust, sharpening pencils, sunny day, new sneakers, grandma's perfume, fresh air, baby's powder, flower shop, earthworm, baseball mitt, koala tree, pet shop, smell the roses, bubble bath
Purchase Information: received from fellow collectors collection
Where to buy:  eBay

1997 Crayola Color 'n Smell crayons
Collecting Information
This box of crayons is highly collectible, all of the scented crayons from this era are. I figured out these were a continuation of the Crayola Magic Scent lines because the style and code numbers are in the same family 52-3416. This is 205W and the Magic Scents are 201W etc...

Boxes: 16 Crayola Color 'n Smell crayons
Other Boxes: There is an 8 count box of Color 'n Smell crayons
Year: 1997
Style Numbers: 52-3416
Code Numbers: 52-3416-0-205W
UPC Numbers: 071662034160
Where to buy: eBay
Manufacturing Location: Easton, PA; Winfield, KS
Related Patents: US Patent 5039243-"Fragrance releasing crayons", Dennis P. O'Brien, Minnesota Mining And Manufacturing Company
US Patent 4762493-"Scented teaching aid, particularly crayons", Inventor-Raymond G Anderson, Owner-Binney & Smith Inc

1997 Crayola Color 'n Smell  Crayons Back of the Box

Here are the wrappers for the crayons. The have the color name and a picture of the smell on the wrapper.

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