168 Crayola Crayon Tub Featuring Colors of the World Exclusive Collection

To say I was over the moon about the 168 Crayola Crayon Tub featuring Colors of the World Crayons is an understatement. I was over the moon times ten! I was even more excited when Crayola sent it to me after Sweet Suite before it was released in stores. It made my day times ten. Seriously whenever Crayola sends me a package its like it is my birthday or Christmas (since that is what I typically get for those holidays haha). Last birthday I got like 7 Crayola items from family...This is an honest review and I am super excited.

There is also a 240 crayon tub with the same design.

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The crayon tub is available exclusively at walmart.com right now and will be in Walmart stores exclusively 10/12/2020. 

Ever since Crayola released their Pearl, Glitter, Metallic and Neon 24 count boxes I wondered if they would be incorporated into a larger crayon box. Crayola had the 150 crayon tower in 2009, then introduced the 152 ultimate crayon collection in 2013. Since the beginning of Crayola their boxes have been getting larger and larger (48, 64, 96, 120, 150, 152). There is a 200 crayon tub available, but the colors are not unique. I really hope a larger crayon box stays around because I think it would be great to include the new 24 Colors of the World crayons as standard crayons in the large crayon box.

What's In the Box

 The 168 Crayola Crayon Tub Exclusive Collection features 32 specialty crayons (7 glitter, 9 metallic, 8 confetti, and 8 pearl crayons), and 24 colors of the world crayons. The Confetti crayons are a new set of crayons released in 2020 based on the past box of Color Mix-Up crayons. I already took arranged them in color order. I integrated the Colors of the World with the rest of the colors.

The box features coloring book sleeves. The sleeves are mermaid, space, cabin, unicorn, miner, ice cream mountain, alien, boom box and space themed. There is a road or a river running on each sleeve that connects with the next sleeve. There are 5 different sleeve themes and 9 sleeves in the box. The 24 Colors of the World come in their own box. 

Color Information 

Boxes: Crayola 168 Crayon Tub featuring Colors of the World Crayons
What's inside the box: 
wisteria, orchid explosion, lavender, bubble gum, berry parfait, mauvelous, orchid, pink flamingo, tickle me pink, carnation pink, salmon, medium deep rose, light medium rose, light rose, very light rose, light almond, very light almond, piggy pink, fuchsia, red violet, magenta, jazzberry jam, cerise, purple pizzazz, hot magenta, razzle dazzle rose, shocking pink, apple orchard, pink sherbet, razzmatazz, violet red, wild strawberry, red, maroon, big dip o' ruby, deep rose, radical red, wild watermelon, melon, mango tango, confetti sunset, red orange, sunset orange, scarlet, orange, yellow orange, outrageous orange, vivid tangerine, neon carrot, atomic tangerine, sunset shimmer, macaroni and cheese, banana mania, sunglow, unmellow yellow, apricot, peach, light golden, very light golden, extra light almond, gold, gold fusion, party fish, sunset luau, metallic sunburst, campfire jamboree, goldenrod, canary, laser lemon, yellow, sun shower, spring green, green yellow, inchworm, electric lime, sea glass, olive green, forest green, asparagus, screamin' green, yellow green, granny smith apple, green, shamrock, pine green, jungle green, tropical rain forest, leafy canopy, robin's egg blue, aquamarine, metallic seaweed, tropical shower, aqua fizz, blue green, wild blue wonder, sky blue, fire in the sky, ocean foam, turquoise blue, periwinkle, acid wash jeans, midnight blue, navy blue, pacific blue, cerulean, cornflower, blue bell, blue, iron indigo, denim, bluetiful, indigo, outer space, cadet blue, lavender burst, moonlit pond, eggplant, purple mountains' majesty, blue violet, royal purple, violet (purple), vivid violet, razzmic berry, plum, manatee, silver sparks, silver, gray, timberwolf, beaver, extra deep rose, very deep rose, deepest almond, extra deep almond, extra deep golden, very deep almond, blast off bronze, copper, deep almond, sepia, brown, deep golden, medium deep almond, fuzzy wuzzy, chestnut, mahogany, bittersweet, burnt sienna, burnt ornage, tan, medium deep golden, raw sienna, medium almond, desert sand, rose parade, tumbleweed, medium golden, light medium golden, light medium golden, light medium almond, blizzard blast, new years' eve, meteor shower, white, carnival corn, black
Purchase Information: received from Crayola at Sweet Suite 2020
Where to buy: Walmart.com currently and in stores 10/12

What Did I Think?

I absolutely love the tub. It is super easy to close. The lid really locks when it is closed. It is made out of sturdy material. Once the crayons are dumped out their sleeves and that ALWAYS happens with kids it is nice to have a storage container to put the crayons in. That is what happens with crayons and other supplies in our house. They stay nice for a while and eventually end up all in a container mixed together.

I think it is a great idea to have a larger crayon box. I think it would be great to have the Colors of the World crayons and the pearl, glitter, metallic and neon crayons in a large crayon box for good. I would love to have all the extra specialty crayons in a box, almost 240 crayons. Having the Colors of the World crayons with the other crayons provides kids with the opportunity to use the vibrant colors from Crayola and put themselves in whatever imaginative world they create from jungles, to woods, to tropical locations, to every day locations of school, home, vacations etc.

If the larger box sticks around I might like a crayon tower or ultimate collection type of container to store them in maybe. I am torn because I do like the tub idea because it closes and the crayons would not accidentally get spilled all over like they do with the 152 crayon crayons. I understand there are limitations with one off designs (tooling to make a new container) and a tub is easy design solution to insert different number of sleeves into. The only reason I would want a unique box is the sleeves fit inside the box tight. I fixed that by putting one sleeve up with the Colors of the World crayons.

Collecting Information
This is a great box to collect. It may be around a long time, it may be around a short time, but it is a great piece of Crayola history especially with the new Colors of the World box.

Boxes: Crayola 168 Crayon Tub featuring Colors of the World Crayons
Other Boxes: 240 Crayola crayon tub.
Year: 2020
Style Numbers:  52-3455
Code Numbers:  52-3455-0-700
UPC Numbers: 071662134556
Manufacturing Location: USA with tub from Germany
Where to buy: Walmart.com currently and in stores 10/12

Here is the inside sleeve.
Here is the other side of the sleeves.


  1. I just bought it!!! I love it!!! But which ones are the swirly crayons???

  2. I noticed when you're describing the types of sleeves, you mentioned space twice. Also, what does the other side of the mermaid sleeve look like? I also noticed that the back of the ice cream mountain one was the boom box one, and there was no photos here of the unicorn one

  3. did the math, with the 124 standard colors and all the specialty colors you could have a 260 ct. box of colors. Bring back all 14 retired colors, add two more and you could have a 276 count, (or be nice and bring back blue ribbon finally

  4. I just bought the 168 exclusive collection in Walmart on 4/22/2022! They're back! I had Colors of the World as a kid under the name "Multi-cultural" collection or pack. It had I think 16 colors back then. Loving they're back with more fleshy related colors including lips and tongue etc. So even naughty adult coloring books are colorable ;) (I keep my adult coloring books to swear words cause I have a toddler)

  5. What crayons from 120 crayon box are not included

  6. there is a 150 Color pencil set by Crayola you should check it out

  7. there is a 150 Color pencil set by Crayola you should check it out