152 Crayola Bluetiful Crayons Exclusive Edition

 Have you ever organized crayons by color? This 152 Ultimate Crayola Crayon Collection would have excited me like no other when I was a child. I used to organize the 96 count box over and over and over and over! This particular set contains all the crayons from the 120 count box and the Glitter and Metallic crayons. All the crayons in this box are unique colors. It comes with a nice hard plastic carrying case/caddy and crayon sharpener. I love the plastic case because it really protects the crayons from damage. The case can be covered with plastic and set inside the box. Any kid or adult would love this set because of all the color possibilities. And it is very affordable.

This set contains bluetiful instead of dandelion. Dandelion was removed from the Crayola line up and bluetiful was added in 2017.

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Color Information and Color List
Boxes: Crayola 152 crayons crayons Introducing Bluetiful Exclusive Edition
What's inside the box: alloy orange, almond, antique brass, apricot, aquamarine, asparagus, atomic tangerine, b' dazzle blue, banana mania, beaver, big dip o'ruby, bittersweet, bittersweet shimmer, black, black glitter crayon, blast off bronze, blue, blue bell, blue glitter crayon, blue green, blue violet, blush, bluetiful, brick red, brown, burnt orange, burnt sienna, cadet blue, canary, caribbean green, carnation pink, cerise, cerulean, chestnut, copper, cornflower, cotton candy, cyber grape, dark red glitter crayon, deep space sparkle, denim, desert sand, egg plant, electric lime, fern, forest green, fuchsia, fuzzy wuzzy, gold, gold fusion, goldenrod, granny smith apple, gray, green, green glitter crayon, green yellow, hot magenta, illuminating emerald, inchworm, indigo, jazzberry jam, jungle green, laser lemon, lavender, light blue glitter crayon, light green glitter crayon, macaroni and cheese, magenta, magenta glitter crayon, mahogany, manatee, mango tango, maroon, mauvelous, melon, metallic seaweed, metallic sunburst, midnight blue, mountain meadow, navy blue, neon carrot, olive green, orange, orange glitter crayon, orchid, outer space, outrageous orange, pacific blue, peach, periwinkle, piggy pink, pine green, pink flamingo, pink glitter crayon, pink sherbet, plum, purple glitter crayon, purple heart, purple mountain's majesty, purple pizzazz, radical red, raw sienna, razzle dazzle rose, razzmatazz, razzmic berry, red , red glitter crayon, red orange, red orange glitter crayon, red violet, robin's egg blue, royal purple, salmon, scarlet, sceamin' green, sea green, sepia, shadow, shamrock, sheen green, shimmering blue, shocking pink, silver, sky blue, sonic silver, spring green, steel blue, sunglow, sunset orange, tan, tickle me pink, timberwolf, tropical rain forest, tumbleweed, turquoise blue, turquoise glitter crayon, unmellow yellow, violet (purple), violet red, vivid tangerine, vivid violet, white, white glitter crayon, white glitter crayon, wild blue yonder, wild strawberry, wild watermelon, wisteria, yellow, yellow glitter crayon, yellow green, yellow orange
Purchase Information: Walmart
Where to buy:  crayola.com, eBayAmazon

Here is a YouTube video where I sorted the crayons:
Collecting Information
This box is super collectible because it features the introduction of bluetiful. There are other boxes featuring bluetiful from this year including a case which I have not posted yet, the 64 count box and a 24 count box.
Year: 2017
Other boxes: There are other 152 crayon boxes. This is a special one because it features bluetiful.
Style Numbers: 52-3152
Code Numbers: 52-3152-0-200
UPC Numbers: 071662931520
Manufacturing Location: USA

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