Learn About Other Countries with Crayola Holiday Passport Kit

A few weeks ago I decided to have my kids be all remote for the rest of the quarter. To say it has been crazy trying to figure out school here again is an understatement. Luckily we had the Crayola Experience Limited Edition Holiday Passport from Crayola Experience to help us have some holiday fun at home this week. 

This kit has kids embark on an immersive, wintery holiday adventure with a Jazzy crayon as their guide. The kids journey around the world learning about different holiday traditions from many different countries. This kit is part of the Crayola Experience at Home which brings the magic of color to the home.

I received this kit in exchange for an honest review.

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What's In the Box

This kit comes with materials to do nine activities. The box contains; 16 construction paper crayons, 8 peeled crayons, 1 washable glue, 8 ultra-clean tropical colors washable markers, 5 paintbrush pens, 1 crayon sharpener, 1 scribble scrubbie, 1 model magic, 5 craft sticks, 1 cup, 1 passport, 1 holiday traveler award, instructions to watch the video, a thank you letter, and worksheets for the nine activities.

What We Did

I had my son and daughter do the activities. Sometimes they did the activity together, sometimes I made a copy and I pulled in more materials and they each did their own. I would recommend purchasing two kits for two kids so they could both have their own crafts to make.

The activities were supposed to take 3 hours total. We spent more time than that over two days. I thought we would get it done in one. These activities could last a month or two months, doing 2 in a week or one a week. 

The activities are guided by a pink Tip crayon named Jazzy, through interactive and super cute video content. I really think Jazzy needs her own tv show. My daughter watched the intros to the activities over and over.First the kids chose a name based on the generator and wrote it on their passport.Next the kids went to the first country Colombia and made a lantern.The instructions were on the video with a countdown timer and music playing. I will say the activities took my kids a lot longer than the allotted time. But the video can be paused or dragged back to increase time.Look at how well they are working together.And the finished lantern. They got to put a sticker in the book when they completed the activity.Next we went to Norway and made heart baskets.The kids got to put their wishes in the basket.Then they went to France and made a winter wonderland with model magic. This is the part I had to pull the most supplies in for. I had to find a cup, cut a base and get more model magic. Buy the extra kit!Here are their finished products.Next was Africa where they got to color a scribble scrubbie. This was the only activity that took less time than was allotted. The video showed different patterns to color the animal.The next stop was race around the world. The kids loved this part of the activity. I may even incorporate doing it once a week for PE!Next the kids colored a beach Santa scene.Then they sharpened the crayons to get crayon shavings. I helped them with this part because it took a little man power to get these shavings out.Then they glue the shavings onto the drawing.Here is the finished product complete with a purple sky!Next they made a Fireworks project from India.Then they got to learn how to color from a real life Crayola designer. He had some really good tips for "painting" with the paintbrush markers. I may have to try it myself.Here are their completed works of art. They did a great job!Next they colored a puzzle.And turned it into an ornament picture frame.They turned out so cute!Here are all the finished products we made. I thought the kids did a great job. 

What Did We Think?

I honestly had no idea what to expect. I have been to the Crayola Experience once and remember it being really fun and interactive. This was the same. I liked how the kids used the art supplies in new ways; the crayon shavings, coloring the model magic, making a picture frame out of a puzzle. These activities were definitely outside of the box activities and got the kids to look at the supplies in a new way. I would also definitely get a kit for each child. 

Also I would spread this to one activity a day, not 4 or 5 a day. Even though my kids absolutely loved it, and peaked ahead to see what they were going to make next it was a lot for two days. The projects were also kid level, ie meaning they did not need a lot of parent help. When we went to craft days at Michaels sometimes the kids needed "help" the whole time ie meaning I did the activity instead of them. That was not so with this kit. The kids did everything pretty much on their own. I helped with some of the cutting because we were short on time, but if the activities were spread out that would not be an issue.

This kit will not be available anymore, but there is a kit called Crayola Experience at Home-Scavenger Hunt where the kids go on a mission through the Crayola Experience to help find Granny Smith's top secret blue recipe. I would highly recommend picking up that kit. Your kids will love you!

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