Make Abstract Art with Crayola Paint Pour Art Set

I first saw the Crayola Paint Pour Art Set at Toy Fair 2020. I was immediately interested. I love abstract art and the Paint Pour Art Set made some beautiful creations. This paint pour art set contains everything to makes some amazing works of art. Look at how cute they are!

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What's Inside the Box

The Crayola Paint and Pour Art Set comes with 3 canvases, 1 beaker, 2 stir sticks, 1 strainer, 10 paints (blue, yellow, red, purple and white), 1 pipette, 1 canvas tray, 4 snap on handles, 1 tray adapter, 1 drip bowl and one spin adapter.

There are a lot of parts, but there are many ways to use the paint and pour art set.How to Make the Paint and Pour Art

There are many different methods that can be utilized when using this art set. The paint can be combined and poured on directly from the beaker. It can be separated and poured on separately. The strainer when pouring the paint. Colors can be layered, or they can be put on all at once. The pipette can also be used to drop drips of paint onto the canvas. The possibilities are endless. 

There were three canvases available. I chose to do a pink, yellow and purple creation with the strainer and a blue, yellow and green with the strainer. I used these paints to make pink and green since the set did not come with these colors.I followed the instructions and put the paint in the cups with water. Water needs to be used to thin the paint out. The instructions had me put the paint in the beaker with the water and transfer it to the cup. I had to do this for each part of the process. It wasted a lot of paint. For the second canvas I put the paint directly in the cup and guessed how much water was needed based on my desired thickness. This eliminated some of the time spent washing the beaker and did not waste as much paint.The paint is then poured on the canvas and can be tilted using the handles on the canvas tray. The extra paint dripped into the drip bowl which was super nice. Here are how my turned out. I would love to try another one layering the paint in the beaker and pouring from the beaker. The great thing about this project is each creation will be unique.What Did We Think?

The biggest thing I would change about this set is to include more canvases. The set only came with three and come with 10 containers of paint. I will have to buy more canvases separately to use all the paint in the set. The instructions were clear. It was kind of a pain to have to add water to the paint before I poured it on the canvas. It was messy, took more clean up time and wasted paint. Maybe Crayola could make the right consistency to start with to avoid this step? I ended up guessing much water to add instead of being exact. And they turned out the same.

I will definitely make more art work with this set. I am going to pick up some more canvases and try putting the paint in the beaker. I think I am also going to try using the pipette to add some drips to the paint afterwards. I can not wait to use it again!

Here is the packaging for the Paint Pour Art Set.

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