24 Crayola Colors of the World Colored Pencils

Crayola came out with Colors of the World Crayons in July 2020. They worked with Victor Casale for  to develop the crayons. At this time I asked them if there would be Colors of the World markers and colored pencils. They said yes. And guess what? I found them! The colored pencils colors are the same colors as the crayons and are representative of many skin tones. I have a feeling these colored pencils are going to be a hit. There are so much more possibilities for colored pencils than markers and crayons, shading, blending etc. They will be a big hit and most likely sell out. They will also be great for kids. 

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Find these on these websites Dick Blick Art MaterialsCrayola

I bought these on Crayola.com. That is the only place I found them in stock, but that could change later this year.

Click here to get a swatch chart for the colored pencils.Color Information

What's inside the box: extra almond, very light golden, very light rose, light golden, very light almond, light medium golden, light rose, light almond, light medium rose, light medium almond, medium deep rose, medium almond, medium golden, medium deep almond, deep rose, very deep rose, deep almond, medium deep golden, deep golden, very deep almond, extra deep almond, extra deep rose, extra deep golden, deepest almond
Where to buy: Dick Blick Art MaterialsCrayola

Here are the markers arranged in color order.

Collecting Information

This is a great box to collect since it is the first time these colored pencils are available.

Boxes: Crayola 24 Colors of the World Colored Pencils
Other Boxes: There are Colors of the World crayons and markers.
Year: 2020
Style Numbers:  68-4607
Code Numbers:  68-4607-0-200
UPC Numbers: 071662246075
Manufacturing Location: Brazil

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  1. hi again, so i found a new pack with some few additional colors and the 60 classics from 120 colors pack at Walmart homepage, just google
    crayola colored pencils colors of the world 100 pack