Faber Castell Watercolor Markers Demonstration and Review

I love anything Faber-Castell makes. They have really good products even if they are very expensive. The best thing about these watercolor markers is they are lightfast. Not many markers are light fast. The colors are super vibrant and there is a ton of ink that can be drawn out from one marking on the paper. The markers come with two tips a brush and a thin line marker. There are only 30 colors, but most of them are unique and they can be combined to make more colors.

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The markers can be used three ways as illustrated below. They can be drawn on a different surface and then painted on. The markers can be used as straight markers, but that is super bold. I would use them sparingly when doing that. Or then can be drawn on the surface and then spread. I like C the best below, drawn on the surface and then spread, but I also like A a lot also.

Here are the song titles to Taylor Swifts 1989 (Taylor's Version) I did in watercolor. I drew the color on a Yasutomo dish and then used a water brush to spread the color.

What is really cool is because Faber-Castell has the same color system for all their supplies the markers can be used with the pencils. All You Had to Do Was Stay shadows were made with pencil while I wish You Would and Wildest Dreams were made with the fine tip of the watercolor marker.

Here is the front of the box.

 Color Information

Here are all the colors in the box. Each marker contains a color number.

What's inside the box: 

  • Middle purple pink 125***
  • Pink carmine 127***
  • Deep scarlet red 219***
  • Pale geranium lake 121***
  • India red 192***
  • Scarlet red 118***
  • Sanguine 188***
  • Beige red 132***
  • Orange glaze 113***
  • Dar chrome yellow 109***
  • Green gold 268***
  • Cadmium yellow 107***
  • May green 170***
  • Permanent green olive 167***
  • Leaf green 112***
  • Earth green 172***
  • Dark phthalo green 264***
  • Cobalt green 156***
  • Cobalt turquoise 153***
  • Phthalo blue 110***
  • Ultramarine 120***
  • Indanthrene blue 247***
  • Purple violet 136***
  • Dark sepia 175***
  • Black 199***
  • Dark Indigo 157***
  • Cold grey VI 235***
  • Cold grey IV 233***
  • Warm grey III 272***
  • Warm grey IV 273***

Collecting Information
Boxes: 30 Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Watercolour Markers
Year: unknown
Purchase Information: Blick
Where to buy: Blick
Part Number: 100-115-942 16 03 30
UPC: 4005401603306
Manufacturing Location: Germany

Here is the back, inside and side of the box.

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