8 Count Boxes: Pearl, Glitter and Metallic

 8 count boxes have always had a special place for collectors. There have been many standard 8 count boxes over the years and many special type boxes over the years. Crayola introduced Pick Your Pack at Target and later a similar version at Walmart as custom colors in an 8 count box. They have made special 8 count boxes for stores such at Target and Walmart and other companies. They made some special 8 count boxes for the Trolls, Finding Dory, and Minion movies and some special Disney boxes. 8 count boxes are cheaper than other boxes to make and still contain a good amount of colors.

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Sometimes Crayola will make a 4 count box or 8 count box to test a certain idea. The public does not usually know why Crayola is coming out with special boxes, but they do a trial run. The glitter crayon special 8 count box came out in 2014. There are also special 8 count boxes for neons and the standard colors, but they are not as prevalent and I have not been able to get my hands on them yet. The glitter box first came out in a set of other art supplies. It then showed up at The Dollar Tree. The Metallic and Pearl crayons came out in 2019 in conjunction sold at Dollar Tree with the release of 24 count Metallic, Pearl, Glitter and Neon crayons. Those boxes are different colors, but the same font as these boxes. I like the colors of these boxes. I have a soft spot for 8 count themed boxes. I would love to get my hands on the neon and standard colors boxes from this line.

Color Information and Color List
Boxes: 8 Count Glitter, Metallic and Pearl Crayons
What's inside the box: 

  • Glitter: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown, black
  • Metallic: big dip o' ruby, alloy orange, robot canary, illuminating emerald, steel blue, deep space sparkle, cyber grape, blast off bronze
  • Pearl: apple orchard, shooting star, orange peel, caribbean sea, cloudy sky, lavender silk, hot cocoa, black pearl
Purchase Information: eBay
Where to buy: eBay

Collecting Information
These are collectible 8 count boxes.
Year: 2014 (Glitter) and 2017 (Metallic and Pearl)
Other boxes: There are other 152 crayon boxes. This is a special one because it features bluetiful.
Style Numbers: 52-3088 (Glitter), 52-8817 (Metallic), 52-3408 (Pearl)
Code Numbers: 52-3088-0-200 (Glitter), 52-8817-0-200 (Metallic), 52-3408-0-200 (Pearl)
UPC Numbers: 071662230883 (Glitter), 071662088170 (Metallic), 071662334086 (Pearl)
Manufacturing Location: USA

2019 8 Count Pearl Crayons
2014 8 Count Glitter Crayons
2019 8 Count Metallic Crayons

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