64, 96, 120 Count Big Box Redesign

In 2014 Crayola redesigned their 64, 96 and 120 crayon boxes featuring Tip on the box.  I have to say that I absolutely love this box design!  I was not a big fan of the previous box design. This new design really embodies the spirit of Crayola and I like how they did not include the same tip character on any of the boxes.  The are all uniquely different. It reminds me of when m&m's started adding character m&m's.  Crayola first featured Tip on the Walmart boxes and 152 Crayons in 2013.

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I did notice a vast price difference depending where you got these crayons.  On crayola.com and the Crayola store, they were around 12.99 and at Target the boxes were under 5.00.

Who is Tip?  They give information about him on all the boxes. Tip is "more of a spirit than a person. In fact he so loved the creative energy in kids that he decided to take the form of a Crayola Crayon way back in 1903." That is the same year the first Crayola crayon was made!

Tip is also featured in the Crayola Experience and frequently visits the Crayola Store in Kansas City.

Collecting Information
Boxes: 64 Crayola Crayons, 96 Crayola Crayons, 120 Crayola Crayons
Year: 2014
What's inside the box: 
64 Crayons
96 Crayons
120 Crayons
Purchase Information: Target in 2015
Where to buy: Amazon (64 crayons), Amazon (96 crayons), Amazon (120 crayons), eBay (64 crayons), eBay (96 crayons), eBay (120 crayons), Currently available at any place that sells Crayola products, prices may differ
Style Number: 64 Crayon Colors (52-0064), 96 Crayon Colors (52-0096), 120 Crayon Colors (52-6920)
Code Number: 64 Crayon Colors (52-0064-0-231), 96 Crayon Colors(52-0096-0-222), 120 Crayon Colors (52-6920-0-213)
UPC: 071662000646 (64 crayons), 071662000967 (96 crayons), 071662069209 (120 crayons)

2014 64 Crayon Colors

2014 96 Crayon Colors

2014 120 Crayon Colors


  1. I've heard that the latest update to the 96 crayon box was the removal of 8 colors in favor of 4 metallic fx and 4 gel fx colors. Does this one apply on the 120 crayon box too?

    1. No, it doesn't.

    2. Why would they replace those 8 colors? Some of those colors were my favorite and now there replaced by matallic and gel FX crayons, this was so infuriating to me that I took a sleeve from my 120 box and put it in the 96

  2. As of 2023 64 pack: 3 Dollars. 96 pack: 5 dollars. 120 pack: 7 dollars